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Gold Are Bitcoins Better. and ask them their thoughts on Bitcoin, probably at least half will give me a blank.What they have done is admitted the situation is entirely their fault (and Brian deserves credit for showing up here so quickly).

Off-topic, but since you guys have ignored: 3 emails from me, and a tweet.My understanding is that reversals are permitted in cases where the amount transferred was incorrect or the transfer was not authorized.He spoke with me for two hours with a running tape recorder and after the interview this was the best story he could come up with apparently.I too had a sour experience with them, took more than 7 days to transfer coins after transfer took place.My father withdrew cash from an ATM a while back, he got less than he asked for but had the asked for amount deducted from his account.A large purchase comes in while the commodity is priced high, the commodity is not purchased but instead funds are held on to while the price drops and then the bitcoins are purchased at the lower price and the company pockets the difference.While it may feel like a public forum, it is owned by a private entity.

That means introducing a batch process to at least trigger a manual review of these cases, and possibly even an automated cancellation with repayment.All you need is a bitcoin wallet, and then you copy and paste a bitcoin address onto a webpage or wherever people.Just a hundred dollar transaction that made one of their customers slightly irritated.

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E) Will it take an HN post in the future to get their attention.You acknowledge that the price or value of bitcoin can change rapidly, decrease, and potentially even fall to zero.

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It is the value that would need to be sacrificied to replace the bitcoins by mining, but its not value that can be recovered from the bitcoins, so its not intrinsic value that supports the market value of bitcoin.

By guaranteeing a price they are acting as a counterparty to the transaction.You are right, botcoin is not a currency, but it is a security and it is traded on an exchange.The stupid libertarians get their stupid pie-in-the-sky currency and you get to sit back with a bowl of popcorn (purchased with a government-secured currency of your choice) and enjoy the show.When you come up for air, would love to see a blog post about the issue and some thoughts on monitoring for such failures.If this is really is business as usual, then it might be acceptable for a widget selling company but completely unacceptable for financial services.But they are assuming that someone who was long on BTC as a speculator, is still long on BTC.I just think Brian and crew deserve more support than they are getting.If you want to hide your identity, you probably should just use something more distinct.Yes, auditors do find missing assets like that, but some of these banks have trillions in assets.

I hope when I frame it like this, you understand how stupid it is, what you wrote.This is how the history page looks like: Just take a look at actually says that the transaction has been completed here.I had chalked it up to the risk of performing financial transactions in an unregulated marketplace.There are many threads on suggesting that these delays only happen when the BTC price is very volatile, and that once they are resolved, the actions taken by Coinbase (either cancellation of the order or delivery at a locked in price) always inure to the financial benefit of Coinbase.

When calculating for a cross-pair you basically need to find the first settlement date which is a valid trading date for both currencies (except some currency pairs which have special rules).They should really be crediting him 62.9 BTC, which is approximately what he would have gotten by selling on December 13 and buying again today.

You have good reason to be proud of your success in a legal area that inspires your passion. Keep it up.If you make enough online noise, they will eventually honor the original deal and even white list you.

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